Book Alert: The Common Language of Homicide and Suicide by J. Michael Bozeman

Bozeman Book Press ReleaseOur own Michael Bozeman’s will launch his book in May 2014. From LFB Scholarly Publishing:

Bozeman’s work appeals to sociologists, criminologists, psychiatrists and forensic linguists. His thesis is three-fold: to explore emergent themes in suicides and murder confessions, to determine whether Durkheim’s suicide typologies might also be applicable to homicide (heretofore untested), and to expand upon the “forces of production” and “forces of direction” in the stream analogy of overall violence to include the coincident rise of both forces in what the author refers to as the stream-flood analogy. Findings support the integrated approach to the study of suicide and homicide. The most exciting revelation in the book is that evidence of the value of Durkheim’s suicide typologies were, in fact, present in the language of homicide offenders.”

Dr. Bozeman serves within the Society as Consulting member. He has a PhD from Sam Houston State in Criminal Justice. He is a retired Law Enforcement officer with 33 years experience, retiring from the Houston Police Department, Homicide Division in January 2005. Currently serves as Associate Professor of Global Security and Intelligence at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona and Previously served as Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at The University of Texas at Tyler.

Dr. Bozeman also serves as a private consultant in the areas of High-Risk Missing Persons and Homicide Cold Cases. Research Interests include the areas of Homicide, Suicide, and the Coincident Event of Homicide followed by Suicide; Mass Murder, and Serial Murder. Specialties: High-Risk Missing Persons, Homicide Investigation, Crime Scene Investigations, Covert and Electronic Surveillance, Intelligence, Forensic Liguistics, Complex Suicide and Questionable Death Investigations.

The Common Language of Homicide and Suicide: Evidence of the Value of Durkheim’s Typologies” will come out in May 2014.

Congratulations, Michael!


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