AISOCC Partners up with the ‘Cold Case Cowboys’

AISOCC continues to get the best cold case investigators in the world and once again strikes gold with their partnership with one of the founding members of the ‘Cold Case Cowboys’, Tom Hall. The ‘Cold Case Cowboys’ are all retired law enforcement officers and first came together as the cold case squad in Roseburg, OR in December of 2002. They were the first all volunteer retired law enforcement cold case squad in the country.  They were given the name the ‘Cold Case Cowboys’ by local media after they solved their first case; the 35 year old murder of Benny King, in Roseburg,  OG.  tom_hall_02

The name, ‘Cold Case Cowboys’, came primarily as the result of how they dressed: Wrangler jeans, western shirts, cowboy hats and boots.  This was no doubt influenced in part by their collective backgrounds. The name ‘Cold Case Cowboys’ also fit because it reflected their love of the American Cowboy persona; good over evil, right and wrong, love of God, family, community and country. 

As the ‘Cold Case Cowboys’, they solved three cold cases within their first three years of working together.  This brought them a lot of local attention, but then they hit the front page of the L.A. Times and that created a real firestorm of media attention; from news organizations, print media, radio, TV news magazines and even Hollywood. 

Tom has joined AISOCC and will undoubtedly bring his dedication, knowledge and passion for standing up for what is right to our organization.

Tom began his federal law enforcement career in 1973 after graduating on the Dean’s honor list, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, from California State University, Sacramento. He spent the next 26 ½ years as a U.S. Postal Inspector. For the first 13 years, in Los Angeles, CA, he investigated a variety of Postal related cases to include mail theft and mail fraud. Later, as a member of the major crimes team he investigated robbery, burglary, and homicide, but specialized in mail bombs. As a 20-year member of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI) he has over 600 hours of bomb training and has qualified to testify in federal court as a mail bomb expert. He transferred to Phoenix, AZ in 1986 where he spent the next 6+ years. Investigations included internal Postal theft in Arizona and New Mexico, as well as credit card and “identity theft.” He also performed the collateral duties of public information officer and postal facility security specialist. Tom completed his career as a supervisor, team leader, for another 6+ years, in Sacramento, CA. He retired in December of 1999 and moved back “home” to Roseburg, Oregon.

As a subject matter expert, (SME), Tom was an instructor for the Postal Inspection Service crime scene investigation, (CSI), and bomb scene investigation schools. He was also an instructor in threat management and violence in the workplace.

Tom rode in the annual Hashknife Pony Express re-enactment from Hollbrook to Scottsdale, AZ for 10 years. The ‘Ride’ takes place every January and is put on by the U.S. Postal Service and the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office search and rescue posse.  After three days in the saddle, their arrival at the Scottsdale Post Office is the official kick-off to the Parada Del Sole, (Parade of the Sun). The Hashknife Pony Express is the only re-enactment where the participants are sworn in as mail carriers and carry live U.S. Mail.

Tom currently lives in Umpqua, OR with his wife Diane in the mountains up from the Main Umpqua River, famous for salmon and steelhead fishing. Diane doesn’t care much for the fishing, but loves the peace and quiet of the mountains and the forest of Douglas fir. She says it’s like living in a world of Christmas trees. Both love country music and dancing. After all, she found him in a country bar, and after a couple of turns around the hardwood she said, “yep, he’ll do.” … That was over 25 years ago.

AISOCC now has a Cold Case Cowboy to go along with their star-studded lineup of crime-fighters and truth seekers, continuing the AISOCC tradition of getting the best in the world to fight cold cases.

About Kenneth L. Mains

Founder and President of the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases.

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