Welcome Joan Swart

The AISOCC welcomes Joan Swart, PsyD as new consulting member.

Joan is a Forensic Psychologist specializing in behavior assessment and modification especially pertaining to criminal behavior, radicalization, and mental illness. She achieved her Masters of Science degree with honors from Walden University and her PsyD. from the Eisner Institute for Professional Studies in Los Angeles.

Joan is a member of the Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology and various psychology associations including the Psychology Society of South Africa, American Psychological Association, International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, American Psychology-Law Society, and the International Academy of Investigative Psychology.

Joan also assists clients with trial strategy, pre-sentencing, adjudicative competency, mental state, insanity defense, and violence risk assessment reports, company internal disciplinary or investigative hearings, parole recommendations, victim impact statements, and expert witness testimony.

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