Welcome Beth Ordeman

The AISOCC welcomes Beth Ordeman as new consulting member. Beth Ordeman, MS – Beth has 12 years of casework experience including many cold cases with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Pinellas County Forensic Laboratory. She was named Forensic Scientist of the Year for the State of Florida in 2009 due to her role in solving a cold case.

From WCTV: “Crime Laboratory Analyst (CLA) Ordeman was named FDLE’s “Forensic Scientist of the Year” for her role in helping the St. Petersburg Police Department solve an 18-year-old homicide case where the suspect left behind a baseball cap containing very little forensic evidence.

Using improved DNA collection techniques, CLA Ordeman was able to produce a DNA profile that matched a convicted offender who was a victim of a homicide in 2007.

Last year, CLA Ordeman completed 406 service requests, exceeding the expected productivity by 90 percent. Ordeman joined FDLE in 2001 and is assigned to FDLE’s Tampa Bay Regional Operations Center.

The case referred to above concerned the 1991 cold case of James Butler. From the Tampa Bay Times: “The DNA profile belonged to Alphonso Williams, authorities said. He was 19 when Butler was killed, but died in September 2007. Police said Williams was gunned down on his bike by someone in a passing SUV just 2 miles from where Butler was killed. Williams, 35, died after compiling an extensive criminal record. His murder remains unsolved.”

Beth has testified as a DNA expert more than 40 times. She developed and executed the Forensic Screening Workshop for the National Forensic Science Technology Center. She also served on the Hillsborough County Cold Case Review Team for several years.

Beth teaches Forensic DNA testing and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis in the University of Florida’s distance education master’s degree program.

Welcome Beth!

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