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Welcome Ken Brannon

The AISOCC welcomes Ken Brannon as new consulting member.

Ken Brannon was a SCPD (Suffolk County, NY) police officer from 1975 to 1986. He was awarded the Best All-Around Recruit from SC Police Academy for his incoming “class of 1975.” In 1976, he received his first citation for Meritorious Police work while still he was still a rookie cop with less than 6 months on the job.He received several other citations from SCPD, totaling 15 in 11 years of service. He was the youngest police officer ever assigned to be a SCPD training officer, responsible for evaluating new probationary police officers, before becoming a Certified Police Instructor (certified by New York).

In 1985, Ken was selected by the DEA to qualify and become an Agent with extensive training at Quantico. After successfully completing the DEA requirements, Ken served as Special Agent from 1986 – 1994. He was assigned to the Miami office. In 1988, he attended Advanced Agent Training at Quantico.

He served as DEA Firearms Training Instructor from 1988-1994 for the Miami Field Division. He became the Lead Agent in a Narcotics Task Force for Broward County and Palm Beach County. Ken received many letters of commendations from various agencies he was assigned to work with throughout his career (such as the FBI, Secret Service, DOD, Customs, ATF, various local police departments).

Ken received a commendation from the RCMP on the largest drug bust in Canada’s history at that time. Pursuant to his career with DEA, Ken became a licensed private investigator. He continues to work in the private sector worldwide. The primary focus of his investigations are cold case homicides. His clients include corporations, law firms, families and individuals.

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