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Making a difference

Justice Symbol Making a difference is exactly what the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases does. The professional review of the unsolved will open possibilities previously not considered in some very old cases. For example, technology has changed. We no longer need a vial of blood for DNA testing. An inner cheek swap suffices. Another example is the extended collaboration between agencies to help find the missing. And, we now have insight in certain thinking patterns that will aid law enforcement to make sense of a crime scene where logic at first could not.

Most importantly, the AISOCC will make a difference for the victims of unsolved homicides. We are dedicated to find justice no matter how well she hides herself. Finding justice comes in different shapes and forms. It is never about closing a file. It is about finding answers to explain the crime scene and what happened to the victim. It is about answers for the victim’s family members to explain why this happened.

The work of the AISOCC will be a very long term project. Justice is not found in 45 minutes. That only happens on TV. Justice often hides herself so well that it will take us years to find a trace of her. But we will. We have a perseverance that matches justice’s cunning.

I am grateful to be part of this journey and I hope that you will follow along by reading this blog. Every post can be read here and on the AISOCC’s website. You can also follow us on Twitter.

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