Welcome Todd Thorne

The AISOCC welcomes Todd A. Thorne as new consulting member.

Todd is working in both law enforcement and private communities. He is well versed in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Forensic Photography, Evidence Processing Techniques as well as Crime Scene Reconstruction. He is also a Latent Fingerprint Examiner. Todd has a variety of published articles and photographs in these disciplines. Todd has worked in the field of criminalistic for over 25 years and continually offers expert testimony/consultation.

He is a certified Wisconsin and Illinois Instructor and has served on staff with the Nebraska Institute of Forensic Science. Todd is a sought after speaker and is an adjunct instructor in Forensic Science for several colleges. In addition, he has served on Wisconsin’s Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Evidence Training Team. Todd has been a member of the Federal Government’s U.S. Department of Homeland Security, serving with the DMORT V Disaster Response Unit.

He operates Todd A. Thorne & Associates Forensic Consultants and Photography Services, LLC, which has exposed him to both national and international cases. Todd instructs throughout the country for The Lynn Peavey Company and has been called upon for technical consultation/research by various entities. Todd is now the Immediate Past President of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts and has served the Wisconsin Association for Identification as President, Chairman of the Board and has chaired many committees, The International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis as Region 3 Vice President, Associate Editor and The Kenosha Professional Police Association as the secretary.

Todd’s hobbies include family activities, church activities, camping and photography. He is married with 5 children

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