Welcome Cloyd Steiger

The AISOCC welcomes Cloyd Steiger as new consulting member.

Cloyd has been with the Seattle Police Department for more than thirty-four years. He has worked as a detective for the last twenty-four years, the last twenty years assigned as a Homicide Detective. Cloyd worked on hundreds of homicide cases during that time, including serial murder, mass murder cases, including many high-profile homicides.

He has also worked several cold cases, and assisted in the investigation and prosecution of the oldest solved cold case in US history, the kidnap and murder of seven-year-old Maria Ridulph, which occurred on December 8th 1957, in Sycamore, Illinois. Detective Steiger often consults with other agencies for advice on homicide and cold-case homicide investigations.

A more personal take on Cloyd can be found here.

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